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Hey Ray! Been quite awhile! Hope all is well your way. Wanted to give you an update on Bama, he has grown into a GORGEOUS 95 pound boy so far. Strong willed and STUBBORN as ever but so smart! We have recently moved out to the country and the beagle hunters out here are JEALOUS of our BIG Bluetick, he's the only one around. Anyway enjoy the picture and sorry we never came and got the girl pup we ended up taking in an English Pointer who's owner fell gravely ill. Here's a pic of Billy with both of them I'm sure you can tell who Bama is ;0) and another of him basking in the sun take care!
Tiffany & Billy from VA

Look how big she getting ray she is so sweet to her name is kiarra she loves people. I showed her a coon tail and she loves it I thank she will be a good hunting and showing dog as you can see in the pic I also have more pics of her. She is a very smart puppy well thanks ray for this puppy I couldn't be any happier I will be sending more pics of her here soon

 from Ashlee from Keyser wv

Hi Ray!
My boyfriend Steve Chiles and I traveled to SC this July and picked up a precious blue tick baby girl from you. We named her Harper. She was perfect on the long drive back to Richmond, VA, and she fell in love with my 9 year old yellow lab, Lyle. It took him a little while to warm up to her, but they are now best friends. Lyle acts years younger now that he has her to keep him on his toes. Harper has so much personality and makes me laugh so much. We absolutely love her... she is so beautiful and so smart. I took her to a horse show with me today, and everyone was in awe of how pretty, funny, and smart she is! She is growing like a weed... she is almost 40 pounds and not even 5 months yet. I thought you might like to see a few pictures of her. I am so glad that we found you! Thanks for a great dog!!  Best,  Missy from Virginia

Hello Ray, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to give you an update on the male bluetick you sold us out of Fancy and Rubin. We named him "Rubin's Fancy Blue Sig". Sig for short.  He has been a dream! Everyone thinks he is a beautiful dog. We are constantly asked where we got him. People are starting to call him Popeye because his paws and forearms are gigantic. He is going to be a big guy!  Sig has a great personality and is very laid back. He has started his training well. He definitely has the nose for it and loves the scent dummies and hides. We will be starting him on live raccoons within the next month.  Sig is definitely a goofy hound, but we love him!  I have included two photos of him at the river at about 15 weeks of age. You breed truly wonderful dogs! We look forward to buying our next hound from you!   Thanks, Meg and Stuart

Ray, my husband Nick and I bought a male pup from you about 2 years ago now. We had him flown to SeaTac and he was out of Ruebin and Lady. Well, Buck turned 2 years old on Easter Sunday and he is just amazing. He is so handsome and is solid muscle. He is just so quick and athletic. He and I will be doing agility and competitive obedience soon. He is a star in agility classes and everyone loves him because he is a hound (uncommon in the sport) yet just so brave and good at it! He is whip smart and can focus unlike any other dog I have ever seen besides my Xoloitzcuintli (new pup). Buck is so good and gentle with the new baby and he tolerates all of the puppy rudeness with grace. He is quickly teaching the baby how to mind his manners without being nasty about it. He is just a fantastic dog and I couldn't have asked for a better Bluetick. I have attached two pictures of him. The first (sitting on the bench next to me of a picnic table) was from last summer not long after he turned one year old. The second was just taken a couple of weeks ago near his second birthday. As you can see, he has grown to be a gorgeous guy! 
Jesse Lopshire and the boys
Dude-Smooth Collie
Buck (Ray's Mud On The Tires)-Bluetick Coonhound
Iorveth(Blanch-O Conquer With Courage)-standard Xoloitzcuintli
PS: Feel free to use these on your happy customers page as I am, indeed, a happy customer!

Hey Ray I just wanted to send you some new pics of Bodie. He is doing wonderful and fitting into the family like a champ. He is doing well on the farm as well. As of Monday he weighed 17 lbs. He is putting on about 3 lbs a week. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I know we are really enjoying him. The first pic is Bodie in our cats bed. He has officially stolen it. Pic 2 is him with my nieces outside. He loves the sunshine but not the cold. Hope all is well and thank you again for a wonderful addition.

I hope the new year has welcomed you well! I have some very impressive news, it is in my opinion. Haha. Neyland celebrated his 5 month birthday today. As his present he received a scent dummy, soaked in raccoon scent. No surprise I suppose, but that dog immediately started using that nose! I let him play with it for a few minutes, stuck him in his crate and I dragged that dummy all through the yard and hung it in a tree. It took him no time to find it! I'm taking him out Friday night with some friends and their dogs. I know I said I wouldn't do it, but I'm anticipating the type of dog I have. I'm looking forward to taking him out and showing him off! You breed some awesome dogs. Here's some recent pics of Neyland, and some of my new female Georgia. Hope you're doing well, if you have any tips to train him, or the things I should expect and do, please let me know! Thanks a bunch! -Rachael

well friend that dog i got off you is turning out to be a hell of agood cat hound the dumb bastard climbed the tree this morning. i turned out on a cat the dogs treed it in about two hrs when i got to the tree two dogs were on the ground treeing and deuce the dog i got off you is 30 ft up the tree no bull shit im sending the pictures with this email. i was trying to climb the tree myself and grab him and then he fell i tried to catch him but couldnt he fell 30 ft onto his head and shoulder he was out cold i took his collars off and started to check him out his eyes rolled back into his head i thought he was dead or i was going to have to shoot him then he came to and layed for a bit then he stumbled to his feet and hobbled back to the tree and started treeing again the guy that came along with me couldnt beleve it and neither could i i knew deuce is dumb as hell and loves to hunt but this dam dog has so much heart he just wont quit if a 30 ft fall can't keep him from the cats nothing will as for his health he seems ok non broken bones quite sore has a limp but i have him in the house to keep a eye on him he keeps trying to climb on the couch so i dont think hes in that bad of shape thanks again ray keep breedin em and i'll keep huntin em take care pal and happy new years to you and yours
Jason from Canada

Hey Ray! Its Tiffany and Billy in Va just wanted to give you an update on Bama, I have to say he is quite the attraction around here and he is the smartest and most beautiful dog we have owned! He is finding his voice and shows it off as much as he can, he is truly the best birthday gift I've ever received and I thank you again for how wonderful you made the process in helping me get my most perfect companion. He weighs 30 pounds now AT 13 WEEKS!!! Hope you like the photos, Take care!

Tiffany and Billy in VA

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! I hope you are doing well! Neyland is still growing like a weed, and is my absolute pride and joy! I know I say it every time, but he is just the best dog! He's doing dope work now, and has started finding it very quickly. He has a hell of a nose. And a loud mouth too. Here is my families Christmas picture. Neyland is in the back, Haha. I've also attached some recent pictures of him as well. He's a clown at times. :) Thank you for such a good boy!
Take care- Rachael

We just wanted to say thanks for our new addition. We got our puppy from you about 15 months ago. She has truly become a part of the family. At first we thought we would hunt her or show her but she became BEST friends with our daughters.....and well us too. She loves to run and “find” whatever we tell her to. Her favorite is alarming us to neighborhood cats....granted the neighborhood cats don’t like her too much ; ] She has a wonderful “personality” and is an awesome pet. Thanks again. Hopefully we’ll be back soon for another one!

Hey Ray,
We bought a puppy from you last summer in June or July, and this is her from the time she was little to now! She is huge like 73 pounds. She reminds me a lot of her dad Kojack. She was quite a trouble maker to begin with and still is a lot to handle, but she is worth every bit of it. She is so entertaining and hilarious. We have not taken her hunting but if we did I know she would be great. She trees squirrels and possums quite a bit. She has also had her share of possum dinners unfortunately. She is so sweet, and just will eat you up in kisses. She is super smart and she basically taught herself to sit when she gets her food, and when fetching! She is just over a year now, so she might grow a little more, but i knew when i picked her, and i saw those paws she was going to be a big one! Thanks again for the great dog. Oh, and by the way her name is Daisy-Duke!
Sincerely,  Hillary and Clif Salter

You know, he does do that...we always laugh and just think "what is he doing??". This is our first time owning a hound and like I said we are just head over heels. We've got a German Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees as well, and while they are both good dogs Roscoe is just so much more gentle and loyal- if he is chewing a bone and we walk into the room he will leave the bone and come sit right next to us, and even when we take him off the property and he is off leash he doesn't leave us. He is the only one of our dogs we can trust by himself with the chickens and goats, and he likes to pal around with the horse during the day too...he will just follow him and lay down wherever he is grazing. These pictures are from when he was much younger, I've got to find the ones I've taken more recently. Right now isn't the best time for another pup (although I so wish I could), my husband has just a few months left until he gets out of the Army...but I'm thinking next fall/winter we may be ready to buy again.

Hi Ray,
Hope this email finds you well. We are proud parents of 7 month old from Misty's litter and she's grown into a great little lady. Enclosed are some recent pictures of our Molly. Yes, she's a troublemaker but we love her dearly :)
Ryan and I wanted to get some training tips. She is a bit stubborn, not constantly house trained and chewing one almost everything. We are in obedience school and it's going well but we want to ensure she knows we are boss. Just thought you may have some tips for us as well?
We love her and just want her to be the best dog possible. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for the tips.
Laura and Ryan from Georgia

I'm sure you get emails like this all the time, but I wanted to let you know how much our family LOVES our dog we got from you about 3 months ago. We named him Huckleberry. He is a great fit to our family. He has a great temperament and listens to commands very well. All of our friends and family are just amazed at how well behaved he is considering he's only 5 months old. I attached some pictures for you in case you wanted to add any to your site.
Thanks again!  Jennifer

Hi Ray. It's Ginger and John Stineman from Asheville North Carolina! Hope you are doing well. We are loving our little "Djelly" more than ever imaginable. I attached a recent picture of her for you to see. She is going to be 2 years old this month!  We are thinking about another pup from one of your litters. Do you have anything available?? We specifically want it as young as possible, no brown, black face and very long ears!!! It does not really matter if it's a boy or girl, although I think a boy would suit our little Djelly better. Please let me know if you have anything, or if anything is coming up. Send some pictures if you can.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Ginger and John from North Carolina

Hey, Ray!
Just wanted to send you some pictures from Maryland of our Cooner!  He just turned one last Sunday, 10 July. He's gotten so big and handsome. He's 90 lbs now, but sometimes he still thinks he's 30 lbs. He's so strong and doesn't realize his own strength. He's also starting to get that lazy hound dog trait :-) But he loves it when we take him for a run. We bought him one of those electric hunting dog collars to train him to listen better and it works like a charm. When he's off his leash with that collar on, he always stays close. He's such a good boy!  And he LOVES the water. He enjoys getting in the lake and splashing around. He's not too fond of swimming, but he'll go out deep and then swim right back :-)  We get so many comments about how pretty he is and a lot of people ask what kind he is since blueticks aren't too common. Everyone loves him...especially kids! Thanks for such a wonderful pup!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Abby

Hey, Just thought I would show you what a beautiful girl she has gotten to be, she will be one year old on Friday. Still talking with my husband about a male for her, I will keep you posted!!

Thanks, Nikki
P.S. She saved our one year old from a 5 foot BlackSnake, heard her bawling on the porch and she was between the snake and the baby. She is has the loudest bawl on the mountain (from what our neighbors down below say!!!)

Hey Ray,
It's Travis from Tennessee. Here are some pictures of Tennessee's Amazing Grace. I purchased her from the Lady litter born in September 2009. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful dog. She is the most sweet and sociable dog that I could ask for although she is a little vocal at times as is to be expected. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog and for making the purchase experience so easy. I'll definitely be purchasing another pup from you in the future. Feel free to use some of these pictures for your website.  Travis

Dear Ray,
I don't know if you remember me. I bought a puppy from you two years ago in May. Just wanted you to know that he has been the best dog. He is so intelligent and affectionate. He is a good dog too. Although I do not hunt with him, he has been a great companion since my husband passed away. He sleeps with me and goes everywhere with me around the farm. He is very good with all the farm animals, large and small, which I was worried about when I bought him. He does have nose deafness when he wants to, but pretty much respects me. He knows all kinds of tricks and learns very quickly. He is very willing to please and is very proud when he is praised. He stays in my fencing well too. Her doesn't try to escape. I took him to a dog show last year, and everybody said he was the most beautiful Blue Tick they had ever seen, and he is handsome. He was entered in six classes, and won three firsts, two seconds, and one third. He loves everybody, but is still very protective of me. I love to show him off. He only got to be about 90lbs., instead of 120lbs. like I expected, but he is still big enough and very strong. I know he will put on more weight when he slows down. He is about 30" tall. What beautiful markings too. You picked him out for me. Good job. My farrier gave me your name and number, since he has purchased several pups from you. He said my dog is prettier than any of his. He is not a very noisy dog either, like alot of people told me he would be. We play a game that I call "hide and sniff". I hide while he is sleeping and then call him. I have fun watching him sniff me out all over the yard. He always finds me. He loves me to death as do I him. What a wonderful dog.! I would recommend your kennel to anyone and have many times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is my pride and joy.  From Live Oak, FL.

Hello Ray,
I just wanted to send you an update about the Misty Puppy I purchased from you about three weeks ago. Here is a picture of Neyland. She is a happy, healthy and hell raiser of a pup. We wanted to thank you and let you know we are completely satisfied proud parents! I'll keep in touch.
Thanks again! -Matt

Hello Ray,
Sorry it took me so long to get you some pictures of our Lilly (I thnk you guys named her snowball), she's full of energy and isn't the best about standing still for the camera. She is an absolutely beautiful dog, great with our kids, and loves to hunt the little fuzzies. She's stubborn as stubborn can get - but I know, that's a Bluetick for ya. She really shows some promise, and I really couldn't be happier!   Keep in touch! I look forward to hearing from you!  Sincerely,  Saba and Nikki Mahic from Colorado

Hi Mr. Ray,
Just thought we would show you pictures of the dogs you sold us. Our female(Dixie) will be a year old next week and she is doing great! And our male(Oakley) is about 6 months old now and is also doing great! Thanks again for the great dogs here are a few photos

Mr. Ray
Just want to send you this pic. Lily on tree at 10weeks.....

Thank you so much 

Zealy Lewis

Hey Ray!
Just wanted to share some pictures with you of the two brothers out of Dulcey that I got this past September, Knox & Axle. They’re almost 9 months old and they’re the absolute best dogs I could ask for-they’re big too! They love to run with me, wrestle in the yard, and ride fourwheelers. I get comments everywhere I go on how beautiful and good-natured they are. Hope all is well and hope you’re still breeding beautiful, great dogs. Thanks again!

Ray thanks for the great dog, this is King's 80-90th cougar and he has also treed around 30 bobcats. King has been a good trail hound and now as a 4-1/2 year old he is treeing very well also. Even with all the cougars he has treed this is his first cougar that will make boone and crocket. at 15-4/16". I will be getting my next pup from you for sure, thanks a bunch.   Dan H. From Kimberley, B.C. Canada.   Also a friend I hunt with, (Jason K) has a pup from you and he sure looks like a great hunting dog. I have been on a few cats with him as well. Thanks again I will be in touch for sure this summer for another pup. Dan.

Hey Ray

Here's some pictures of the Bluetick we bought off you. His name is Rocky He's 6 months old now.

Karen -West Virginia

Hey Ray, hope you are well,
I purchased a pup from you out of the Stroker Ace, Dixie bell breeding earlier this year, First of all I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the pup, he's growing up real well, handles well, real independent in the woods and all in all a good dog to be around.  I am a firm believer in letting the pups be pups before exposing them too much too hunting and had some questions about what to expect from him. It seems like he really turned on about a month ago, (about 6 months old), are the pups usually real early starting or does it pay to give them some more time?  Also I had a friend asking about the pup and his parents, how big was the sire and dam and what kind of hunters were they?  Also I wanted to share some pictures with you,

Hi Ray!
I hope this finds you well after a long holiday weekend! As you know, we were in Maryland on Sat for a show. Emma took two Group 1's and a Reserve Best In Show! Thank you judge Marian Campbell for that honor! And our friend, Patrick, with his pit bull, Delilah, took BIS so it was a great day all around for us!
We're definitely coming this weekend and hope to pick Libby up on Sunday morning! I have your cell and we'll stay in touch.  Take care Ray and we'll see you soon. Donna

Well, Emma was in her first UKC shows this past weekend! We haven't shown at all since the International show and she's only 6 mths old now so we were just hoping to get some practice in. Fortunately, practice is never good enough for our little coonhound. She took Best Female, Breed and Group in the first show Friday night (there were 5 over the 3 day period). And came back to do the same thing in the first show Saturday morning. In that show, she beat the 2 1/2 yr old male that ended up beating her the rest of the weekend though she continued to take Best female in the remaining shows. That male is awesome and actually belongs to a friend of a friend of mine. His owner loves Emma and, when I showed him her pedigree, is already trying to line up a breeding when she's old enough. Apparently, they line back to a Smokey River dog. I attached a picture of "Jed" - the male that beat my little girl and took Best In Show of the 4th show. Anyway, all three judges that placed Jed over Emma said that she was a beautiful puppy and that , if she were older, they would have placed her over Jed. They couldn't say enough nice things about her from typiness to personality. One judge even said that Emma will be unbeatable in a few months. She's only one win away from her UKC champion title!  We also took her two weeks ago to a local coonhound club event just to watch and the people there were very impressed by my little puppy. Everyone wants to know where I got her! You need to start jacking up your prices! Except for me, that is. We've started her on coons - she loves it! She has a BIG bawl! People always laugh to hear that come out of a puppy. We're going to start swimming her next month - I love the water races.  I hope that all is well with you. Take care and we'll keep you up to date! I don't Facebook, but if YOU do, my friends have all kinds of stuff posted about Emma.  Have a great week!  Donna.  p.s. The pic of Em in the chair - her handler was sitting there and Em kept standing on her until she moved. Em climbed up in front of her ribbons and went to sleep.

Best in ShowHi Ray!
Sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. With the break in the weather, we've been unbelievably busy trying to get things done around the farm here. I'm very sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you. I hope things have gotten better since your last email.  Maybe this news will cheer you up a bit. Today was Em's first show. There were actually two IABCA shows yesterday and two today. I had to pull her from yesterday's shows because of a funeral that we had to attend. TOO BAD! because she probably would be walking around this evening with her International title already. The judges loved her and wondered why she wasn't shown yesterday. She took breed and group in both shows today. AND she took Best in Show Puppy for the first show today! Pretty darn good for a 5 month old on her first show day! We're so proud of her!
She has her first UKC shows at the end of April. It's a cluster of I think 5 shows over 3 days? Something like that.   I've attached a pic of her! Look for her name out there "Sumit's Country Fancy One"!   Take care! Donna

Good morning. Paul and I wanted to thank you again for selling us Domenick. He is a great dog. We took him hunting Monday night and last night. He did his thing and treed within the first half hour both nights. Last nights we let the puppies run free with him and they stayed right with him until they got to the tree. Thank you so much. We appreciate the quality dogs you breed. It's amazing how much better a hunt is when you have the right tools. Thanks.   Carlie and Paul from Virginia

Here are 2 pictures of "Blue". One is at an AKC show, the other was at an UKC. Let me know how you like him.
Thanks, Dee

Mr. Ray,
Its' Ryan from Louisiana, I got a pup from you at the end of July. I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of him to show how he's doin. His name is Beau and he's about 5 1/2 months old and got quite a mouth. One of the pictures is him treeing a scent. Thanks again for everything and with all the help for getting him to me. It was such an easy process and I would def. recommend it to anyone, I would even do it again. Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  Ryan

Ray, here are some pics, its bad light because we are on a north face cliff. Well talk to you later 

Brandon, from Canada

Hi first of all we thank u for awesome pup. He turn out a hottie cat hunter. He been on chase 5 bobcats and 1 cougar. Whole the time he stayed with blackberry. He did really working on hunting dog. Elmo is one my favorite dog to watch. 1 guide outfitter hunter kept say will u trade Elmo for his 5 dogs. I say nah... I will keep him for good. 2 other houndmen buddy said Elmo smoked on cat track really hard and stayed on same path up between 2 to 4 miles chase. I swear. It took me 3 hrs to catch them. Last chase was hardest chase ever since we got him. This pic was last saturday we cut a bob and put blackberry and 2nd Elmo together alone to see how it go. Usually we put milk with but I want see if Elmo can run thur 4 ft snow but they can run only 18" and upper diffuclt terrian. Bob flew off from tree twice before 3rd to keep up. Elmo learned a lot. We listen to Elmo barking every step he run. It helps us know where it lead to. We love Elmo a lot...I wil email 2 good ones this week. One Elmo treed on half dry and now and treed a bob which is good news. Alright enjoy this pic and will more this week. Blackberry was on tree, at den was blackberry front and Elmo rear 7 mo old on 5th bob. I thank u for a great breed dog. My wife laura really likes him. Scott--mulybow


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