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It is great to hear from all of you and to see how well the pups are doing.

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Hey Ray!
The pups are doing great! I attached a few pictures of them in their new home. I’m going to take them to the vet soon and I was wondering if you ever got to updating their shot records? I just wanted to thank you again-they’ve been a lot of fun so far and they are very loved. Their two best friends are two border collies! Hope you’re well. Talk to you soon

Ray,   I don't know if you remember us. We got a male pup from you 3 years ago from Andy & Tiny's litter. His name is T. He is a wonderful dog. Last September we got another pup from Andy & Molly's litter. Rocky is a little more hyper than T but he too is so sweet. I wanted to send you an updated picture of both of them. Rocky loves to swim in the pool and T is just scared to death of it. Rocky is quite hysterical when he gets in there....We thought you might enjoy these!!!!  The first 2 are Rocky in the swimming pool, the other 2 are of T.  Take care, Brian & Deidre, Granite City, IL

Hey Ray, I hope all is well. I picked a pup up 2 years ago and just wanted to let you know he's doing great, by far the most well behaved and mild mannered of the 3 dogs I have! He's the only one of the three I have that I can leave off the leash and walk around the yard outside without him running off.. he's super loyal and stays within eyeshot of me! I don't do any hunting, have just raised him spoiled rotten. Thanks again, Rob from SC.
Pic is of Luke riding in passenger seat.. one of his favorite things to do!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!
Wendy & Scott

Hay Ray:
Thought, I would send you a picture of "Dixie" she is now 18 months old. She loves to chase the rabbits, coons and skunks. Dixie is also a people dog. She loves kids and has become a dam good watch dog too boot. Ray, she sure is a lot of company for me now that I am getting older. She walks at least two miles a day and is as lean as she can be at 90 pounds. My son takes her out and they play with a Frisbee till she wears him out. Hope, things are going well for you and your family in these tuff times we are now in. It does not look good for this country and I am afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you all happy a nice 4th of July.  Respectfully,  Gaten

Hello its me Brad I'm the one that bought the jj dog from you I took him hunting tonight and he done great we only treed one but we stopped hunting after that. I am very pleased with the dog and so were the couple other people that went with me i turned him out in national forest near a creek he took off like lightning went thru the creek struck a track ran it about 65 yards and treed on the side of a steep hill when we got to him he was barking every breath and jacking the tree he was the only one that treed we have about a inch of snow were we was at and 4 other dogs its still kill season here so I had to shoot it out to him. jj done everything you said he would so I just wanted to say thanks for been honest with me and selling me a great coon hound.
Brad from West Virginia

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just wanted to thank you again for the great puppy you sold us a few months ago. 'Singer' is turning into the perfect dog and we are getting so much enjoyment out of him. We bought him as a surprise for my mom's birthday since we lost our coonhound last year and we couldn't have gotten a better dog. My parents love him so much and he is absolutely the picture of a coonhound in personality. He constantly makes us all laugh. We have all had so much fun seeing him come into his own. You truly breed quality dogs. Even though we don't intend to hunt him he shows great instincts. He never goes anywhere his nose isn't getting to first. I did some deer hunting over Thanksgiving and he got so excited to see 'the kill;" it was neat to watch. Anyway, I hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas. Just wanted to thank you again. We'll be looking for another bluetick in the future and will definitely come to you to get him.
Sara from Texas

Hi Ray,
Tried to send an email to update you on Lester Ray. He is doing well and is John's constant companion now that John has retired. They get out for treks throughout the week. Lester Ray is now more known than either of us as he knows that a little baying usually brings some attention as he waits for John. Of course John has him within sight as Lester Ray looks for new friends. Our daughter is now living in Atlanta, Georgia, so I keep threatening when we get out to visit her we may have to give you a warning and head out to look at pups. Attached are Lester Ray's baby pic and a recent pic. Note the reading material in the background and his tired eyes. One smart cooner.   John and Jane Martin

Hey Ray,
We are the Andersons from Nashville, Tenn.. We have purchased 2 blueticks from you and thought we would share some pics.. They boys are doing great and we could not be happier!!!
Thank you,
Jim, Linda, Andrew and Brian Anderson

hey ray
i got a pup from you out of sally and domenic a few yrs back. i was havin problems gettin her started
but now i could not ask for a better dog. I have a 5 yr old male bluetick, Slim, and they hunt well together. she can stay w him all night strike locate and tree with him. Im really proud of Grace and how far she has came within the last 6 months. I wanted to thank you for such great bloodlines and awesome pups. Im lookin for ward to gettin another pup from you sometime later on. but thanks again Ray for such great dogs.
Im gonna attach a pik from a hunt just the other night where we had Grace and Slim huntin together.
Kevin Wallace

Hi Ray,
I hope things are going well for you, here is a pic of Rock, he's a good looker wouldn't you say? I think he could be a show dog in the right hands, he's been doing pretty good in the timber also, he is a treeing fool, throws his head back like Andy, Hope you and yours have a Great Holiday Season, Randy from Iowa.

Just wanted to let you know that Bayle is adapting very well.  She is such a joy to have in the house, she keeps us laughing all the time. 

Thank you again for such a sweet little "monster" that we wouldn't trade for a thing!!
Dede, Jamie &Jerry

Thanks for the itinerary for tomorrow....and the phone calls...You are at the top of your game..  I have my own roofing business....and I know it takes alot to keep up with great communications....You are totally professional...  It's great doing business with people who care..//and are professional..  Thanks so much...Hope to be in contact in the future...The Lord Willing.  Respectfully.....Matt from PA

Mr. Ray - - here are some pics of the pups from today!!  They are absolutely the BEST dogs!! What other dog under a year of age would let a 5 year old ride them like a horse!!! If someone who hunts got a hold of Belle - they would be rejoicing - she is such a natural it's unbelievable. We know when something is here that is not supposed to be. She's amazing. We have no plans to hunt them - but I can only imagine what she could do! We have the best time watching her stalk Hunter. He doesn't stand a chance!!  And - isn't he a monster!!! He's barely 7-8 months and already 60-70# I am sure!! He looks exactly like Jasper - except I am partial enough to say I think he's prettier!! He is Brett's buddy! He LOVES to play soccer - but - boy - if he gets out of hand - Belle is there to correct him in a minute!!  He could take her easily - but she is definitely the dominant one! The next time you update your website - please put them on!! If all of your dogs are like these - they must be awesome!!  Thanks again and take care!!

Just wanted to let you know the pups are doing fine (Brandy & Amber). Here are a few pics taken today.
Thanks Stephen

Hi Ray!
I wanted to send you a picture of Hank, he is 11 months old now. During Thanksgiving he was hit by a truck and broke his pelvis and hip bone. He went through surgery and rehab but he is doing great now!! He still loves to go out to our land and run with the horses and even chased an Armadillo but I made him stop (they carry yellow fever). We want another bluetick in the near future! They are such awesome dogs!!!

hi, Ray. I'm sure you remember me? Jason from cold Michigan. Remember when you, me, and matt went hunting? Well hear are some pictures of Whiskey at 5 yrs old. He rigged this one while in side his dog box. Dirt and acorns were flying when he hit the ground. He walks on water, crosses rivers and climbs trees. You're web site has come a long way looks really good. I'll be looking for a female soon and you're hounds are looking good as always. I know you are very busy but I sure would like to hear from you. Jason from Michigan

Hi Ray!
It’s Breck from Louisiana. I purchased a gyp off of Cindy Lou back in June. I am writing to tell you that she is an excellent dog. Scout has fit in since day one! She is growing like a weed. She going on 9 months old and weighs around 60 pounds. She hunts everything in sight along with my first bluetick Dixie. I just wanted to give an update, send some pictures and thank you again for making a long distance purchase and easy one. I will defiantly be doing business with you again!

Hi Ray,
Just wanted to let you know that Ranger is doing fantastic and in good hands. I spent the first 10 days with him at my little cabin in Nettie and brought him here to our farm in Hillsboro this weekend. We have sunshine and 50+ degrees today and I am teaching him to lead and he is doing very well...I thought you might enjoy this picture of Isaac & Ranger taken last week while I was in Nettie...Dad lives in Nettie and while I was there I took Ranger to visit him almost every day. Dad said you have done very well with your pups. The grandkids have taken him hunting several times already and he is certainly helping us get through this very long winter.  Thanks for making it possible to find my dad a Hammer line Bluetick pup. It has stirred his memory and touched many hearts... Sharon

Hey Ray! 
It's Russell. I haven't talked to you in a good long time, but I thought I would give you a shout to let you know how my boy Clyde is doing. He is now 6 months old and is doing absolutely great. Whenever we're out and about he always wants to come with me. I've almost had him follow me to class! He is so smart and has learned so many things it's scary! As soon as his potty training period was pretty much over, he has not given me one problem at all! His personality is one of a kind and I couldn't ask for any better of a dog! When I brought him home, dad was a little upset, but since then he's grown to like him to the point that I feel like he would steal him from me if he got the chance hehe. We just finished up Christmas here at home and we were able to catch him resting on his new bed. I left some pictures for you just to let you see how he is doing. He sure misses ya'll and i know if he got the chance he would love to come back and visit. Hope all is well up there in Blackstock and I hope your upcoming year is filled with joy and prosperity. Take care, Ray!

Hi Ray I sent the check out yesterday. Just an update Bonnie is doing very well and she is sooo smart. When we first brought Bonnie home she had some water and some food and then we let her explore the house . All she wanted to do was go sit at Chris' feet...I thought at first she would favor him but it turns out she loves us equally...when one of us leaves the room if she can't follow whoever left she will howl until whoever left returns or she can find them. She learns daily. Stairs are now mastered. She can jump off the bed but we try not to let her do that until she gets a bit bigger. She barks at us when she needs to go out. She is very good at letting us know what she wants. She lets us sleep in the bed with her....yes she took over the bed. Today was very hot which she didn't like to much so she spent most of the day in front of a fan. I am taking her tomorrow to have her micro chipped. I have the papers in a safe place and will be registering her soon.  I have enclosed some pictures for you. If you like feel free to add us to your happy customers...we will possibly getting a male from you in the future.  Thanks again Ray
Dawn, Chris and Bonnie from California

Hi Ray! We purchased a beautiful female Bluetick from you in January 2008. We named her Birdie and she has fast become a member of our little family. She is about as lovable as they come and loves snuggling with us on the sofa (and in the bed, much to my dismay). She is extremely active, but she is taking to training pretty well and is becoming a really fun companion. She absolutely loves playing and being around other dogs and people. She is always the last one standing! She is almost 5 months now and has just found her voice--it is definitely distinctive and you sure can't ignore it! We could not be happier with her and wanted to thank you and Blue Tick Kennels for  the great dog. She is extremely loved and although we hate to admit it, extremely spoiled too! We love her. Thank you! I am attaching a few pictures I thought you could use for your web site.

We bought a pup from you back in Sept of last year. I just wanted to let you know that she is a wonderful dog and being spoiled rotten on daily. She sleeps on the couch at night but she runs the farm during the day. She loves the spring weather. We trail ride on horse back and a couple of weeks we took her on her first trail ride. She did wonderful, followed the horses and barked the whole day. Several on the trail thought it was amazing how she could walk, run and bark at the same time and last the whole day. When we finally made it back to camp she was worn out. She did great the next day, she learned to get out in front of the horses and move on up the trail. She didn't bark as much that day, thank goodness, it was cute the first day, but not something we were wanting to hear all day long every ride. We are still having some problems talking her into crossing moving water, but she is getting better. She is extremely smart, sometimes smarter than we are. LOL We love our Belle, and we are so glad we found your web site. Thanks she was worth every penny.  Mona from Kentucky

Dear Ray, My girlfriend Deidre got a male pup from you back in August of 2007.  I had always wanted a bluetick and she got him for my birthday.  The whole process of purchasing him was smooth…from picking him out to picking him up at the airport.  From the time we picked him up we have been in love with him.  We couldn’t ask for a better dog.  He puts a smile on our faces every day and has a great personality and what a nose!!!  He was only a few months old and was already treeing squirrels in our yard.  I wish I could have ten of them but I would probably get ran out of my neighborhood!!!  I always tell people we own the world’s most spoiled coonhound…he pretty much runs the house and he loves to wrestle with his brother…who is a 130 lb. Rottweiler.  I’ve attached a few pictures of “T”…keep up the good work!  Brian and Deidre.  Granite City, IL

Dear Ray & Debra,
     Here is a picture of Tank.  We got him from you about a year and a half ago and thought you might enjoy a picture.  He is an amazing dog.  We have never had a dog that demanded so much from us.  Don has to run him daily with the 4 wheeler or life just isn’t right.  He gives as much back too.  He has been a constant companion and friend to us both.  Thank you for such a wonderful dog. ~ Don & Donna Martin ~

We hope to get another puppy from you when Tank is about a year old. -- State of IDAHO

"Tank at 3 l/2 months old"

"Tank at 1 l/2 yrs. old"


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