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It is great to hear from all of you and to see how well the pups are doing.

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Thank you very much for the Bluetick Coonhound (Smokey). Wonderful dog! The family couldn’t be happier and Smokey seems content (see attached photo). I hope to do business with you again soon and will certainly refer you to others going forward.
Bill Ahls”

“Hi Ray,
I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Murphy- he's almost six months old, and doing great! He learns so fast, he's strong and loud! A couch potato inside and an athlete outside, he's more than we hoped for!
Thanks again for a great dog.
Greg and Norah

“Hi Ray
Just wanted to let you know that we love our puppy! Joey named him Huck. He is potty training like a champ. A stinker at times😉 He will go to the vet in a few days for his shots. Thank you!

“Hawk and his lady friend Raven!”

“Hi ray,
It's me nick, just wanted to say u bred one awesome dog! Everyone talks about n asking me about the difficulty of a puppy. But Waylon has been perfect. Just starting to recognize his name. Hasn't had 1 accident inside and in the photo ull see he is starting to learn from me haha. Thanks again!”

“Hi Ray,
Hope your doing well. I just wanted to let you know that the male puppy we got from you out of Vera and ruffus is doing great. We've decided to name him "dagger". He loves his new home and we love having him. He's going to make a great family pet. He's so smart to be a puppy. I think he will make an excellent coon dog. I will keep you updated on his progress.”

“Hi Ray,
We got Knox from you two years ago. His birthday is today and I've been looking back at pictures. He is the most beautiful dog I've ever laid eyes on. And I wanted to thank you again for my beautiful boy. Everyone I've ever spoke to says nothing but wonderful things about you and the kennel. I recommend everyone I talk too, to look you up. Knox had some pictures done a few months ago and I just wanted to share them with you. Thanks again for the handsome boy. We wouldn't have him if it wasn't for you.”

“Dear Mr. Matthews,
Good afternoon, I just wanted to tell you thank you for our new addition to our home. We have named him Otis and he is fitting in perfectly.
I have attached a picture of Otis and our daughter. This is their favorite spot in the house now. Thank you again.
Peace and blessings,
The Richardson Family”

“Hi Ray,
I just wanted to drop you a note about Duke, the blue I got from you 2 years ago. He's a blast, and a true character. Aside from that he's just a pleasure to have and I can't thank you enough. I am sending a couple pictures of him and his brother Dexter.
On a side note, I may be in the market soon, as his older brother Rocky, 11 year old golden retriever, has cancer, and isn't doing well.
Hope all is well,

“Hi Ray,
I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Murphy- he's almost six months old, and doing great! He learns so fast, he's strong and loud! A couch potato inside and an athlete outside, he's more than we hoped for!
Thanks again for a great dog.
Greg and Norah
Taylor's Island, Maryland”

”Just wanted to give you an update on our little girl we got from you in January. We named her Blur Moon. She was the daughter of Corina and Rufus. She is 15 weeks now and weighs 36 pounds. She is a doll. I have attached photos.

Thank you,
Catherine And Joshua”

”Hi Ray,
Wanted to send a picture of Lester Ray (son of Jolene 11 1/2 years
old ) enjoying his Golden Years. Note the feet off the furniture, well trained and good manners.
He is up there with the best hounds we have had. You breed the best.”

”Hey Ray
Lindsay with Delilah she was out of your Nov 20th 2014 litter she's our sons best friend and the gritttiest little girl we've ever had! She just went in her FIRST ever UKC bench show last night and took first in class and first in breed! We're in North Fl I'm not sure if you remember me I drove pregnant 8 hours to your house to get her for my husband and she goes great with out male! He is also Smokey river, Vaughn, Uchman and Arkie bred we look forward to having their first pups in the spring.  I knew you would be proud to hear about our girl! I've also attached some pics. Delilah”


Hey Ray I've been meaning to send you a pic of copper that I got from you out of ruffus and olga last summer. He is one hell of a dog and blows my mind all the time with how smart he is anyway I couldn't be happier with him.


Already best friends!  Thank you so much he is such a sweet boy.


It's hard to believe that our little Remington is now 3 months old. He is the best dog that any person could ever ask for. He is finally completely house trained and he sleeps through the night! He has the best manners in the world. He loves loves loves meeting new people, and he is especially good with little kids (even when they pull his ears)! He is growing like a weed and is about 25lbs. Everyone says that he is the most laid back dog they have ever met. Never hyper and always content with just hanging out with us. I have recently met a lady who also just got a pup from you last week and we love chatting all day about the joys of puppy hood. She is just as thrilled with her little pup as we are with Remi! I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful dog. Because he is such a joy we are thinking that we want to get him a brother or sister from you in the winter. So we will be in contact soon! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into breeding wonderful dogs. Hopefully you don't mind us sending you pictures regularly of his growth regularly! We will be in contact soon about getting another one.
Maria and Remi the Bluetick

Hi Ray!
I hope the month of February is treating you well! It's been an unusually beautiful February day up here in north east Montana. We took Pilsner and Hank out on a walk. Hank had a blast exploring and Pilsner I think had a lot of fun showing him the ropes on the farm! I have attached some pictures of our adventure. Once again thank you so much for the joy you have brought to our lives with the two most amazing pups we could hope for!
Love, Chad, Malarie, Pilsner and Hank

Hey Ray,

Its been a while I just thought I would drop you a line and give you an update on the puppy you sold me. Well first let me say she has got her grand daddies growth gene because she is HUGE. Just look at the pics she is growing like a weed and it is my theory that all that moaning she does in the night is from her growing. She has become my best friend and she loves to jump in the bed with me and go to sleep she even has her own blanket that I have to throw over her or she will whine and start to bawl at me.”

Just wanted to send you a picture of the blue tick we purchased from you. Came out of the January 10th liter. Lookin handsome as ever, the best dog we could ever ask for: he's so smart and learns quick!

- Kiersten

Hi Ray well it has been a while since I have given you an update on our 20 month old boy. Bodie is doing great. He has turned into my perfect dog. He is now herding cows. A talent we had no idea he would ever have. He moves them as if he was bred to do so. He is now learning to live among chickens as well. He has turned into a great workout partner and now that fall is coming in he gets to go ground hog hunting. He has a huge interest in those pesky critters. Bodie also became a big brother in March to a little chocolate lab girl that he absolutely adores. I hope all finds you well and again we couldn't thank you enough for such and awesome young boy.
PS Don't be alarmed, he is cuddling with the cat but this is a rare moment. HAHAHA

Ray, wanted to send you some pics of our pup , we absolutely love her , she's not just beautiful , she's also smart as a whip . She has a beautiful voice ,she's already trying to trail and seek out the small animals in the woods .she gives us both joy she's a total hoot !!! Thanks Ray , hope you are well . Mr. you sure do know how to raise good dogs !!!! : ). Pam

He is great and we love him. He has a wonderful personality. Our six month old (Jubilee/Kojak) female loves him too! Thanks for everything!

Hi Ray,
I wanted to Thank You again for providing us with our Puppy last week, she has been such a joy to our family ever sense! (By the way my mom cried when she saw her ) She has not made one accident in the house yet, is sleeping through the night, and playing so great with our other dogs. We've already ran around with her in the woods and cannot believe how well and easily trainable dog she is; she's perfect. It was so nice meeting you and your family; and I hope your movie star dog did great in his Ford commercial!   There is no doubt if we are ever looking, or hear of anyone looking for a BlueTick we will send your way.
Much Appreciated,


It has been 2 years since I got a pup form you and I will say that he is the best dog. He is go good with the kids and has a great disposition. I couldn't be happier with him. Attached is a pic of my youngest and Duke. They are inseparable. Thick as thieves those two. :0)
Thanks again, Kerri

Hey Ray,
About 2 years ago now I got in touch with you about getting a female puppy. And 2 years later I couldn't be happier. Sadie has become the center of our family and has been busy making accomplishments in Nosework and has even started competition obedience.  She is honestly the love of my life and a beautiful dog on top of that. People always comment on her looks and I can't help but to say, she looks just like her mother (Ginger). I am so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to own such an amazing dog.
Best regards,
Makayla Cummings

“Just want to say hi and show Bandit is getting big. Almost 10 months”


”Hi, Ray,
Just wanted to let you know how much we love Ziggy, or Zig Boy or Ziggy Boy as we call him. He is a sweetie pie. So glad we got him.. All the best to you and yours. Merry Christmas.!

“Thank you for the wonderful dog !!!!
He is beautiful and has and amazing personality !!!!! I will send more pictures soon !!
Thank you again !!!”

The Jordan Family

“Hi Ray
He is so beautiful people stop their car when I am walking him comment and ask what breed.

Hey Ray! I haven't talked to you since I bought Copper from you two summers ago. He's out of Kojack and Shiloh. He is one of the best dogs I've ever owned! He weighs over 80 lbs now and has a nose and mouth on him you wouldn't believe!! I've got him runnin coons and going to start him on bobcats this winter. Thank you again for the quality service you gave me and the quality hound I now have!!!


”Hey Ray,
I hope you're doing well! Been a long time since I've checked in. Here is an update on the Shiloh x Kojack pup I bought from you 2 years ago. Neyland is perfect! The best hound I could have ever asked for! 80 pounds of pure muscle,heck of a nose, Loud bawl mouth, long ears and the best disposition. He's a machine in the Timber, and as he gets older he just keeps getting better. Finishing him out, and hoping to get another pup or older dog in the future. Breed this boy, and keep this line going. He's made me a lot of friends in the bluedog world, and everyone that sees him thinks he's a looker. Thanks for the best bluedog on the planet! We will check in again soon!
Rachael and Neyland - Tennessee”

“We are loving our Neyley.....She is a rascal....But sooo sweet.....went to vet for Shots yesterday and She weighs 18 lbs.....they said She is the prettiest Blue tick they have seen.....and being a UT pup.....She Looks great in orange.....<3.....

“Please send info on puppies for sale. We bought a pup from you last year and a friend is interested. We love her so much! Maggie is trained for Search and Rescue.

“Hay ray these pups are around 3 months old and getting fur in there mouths and starting to tree billy here some pictures” Derrick “She got the greatest personality ever !! Love my girl !!”   Click here to view video in your own media player

“Hey Ray, I hope your doing well. I just wanted to thank you once more for the wonderful gift you gave me and Vinny. This is a picture of bear at 10 weeks with my brother James. He is doing well with the vet. He is gaining weight, 25 pounds now and he is very healthy and happy. I'm not sure how to do it but I see plenty of good comments on your internet page. I wouldn't mind being one to write all the good things you did for me. However I'm not sure how so I figured id email you once more.
Thanks again,

Hey Ray, just wanted to give you an update at 8 months old. Bodie is doing really well. He is pictured here with my horse cleo. He loves being on the farm and chasing geese. He still isn't sure about cows yet but we are working on that. Couldn't be happier with my hound.
Hope all is well.
Beth and Family

Hi Ray!
This is Malarie and I just wanted to give you an update on the pup we got from you a month ago! We ended up naming him Pilsner. We are so happy with him and we could not be more great full to you! He has taken to life on the farm VERY well! He loves riding in the combine, semi and in the grain trucks! He is far and away the easiest dog that I have ever had to train thus far! I also have attached a picture of him. Thank you again so much!
Chad & Malarie

Thank you. How do i write on your happy customers page? Here she is now. 1 year old in 3 days. Jam up coondog.

Hi Ray just a little update on the pup we got. He is doing wonderful. At 5 months old he is now running beside the 4 wheelers on the farm and making sure that I get my butt on my bike and take him for his runs twice a day. I can't express to you how incredibly happy we are with him. He has got to be the smartest dog I have ever owned. He has also claimed his chair in the house. He has been a huge blessing to our family. Thanks again. Here are some updated pics. The first one is Bodie claiming a camping chair. He does not fit in those anymore. The last one is him claiming stake on my lounge chair. That is more his size. Thanks, Beth

Hi Ray-
I just wanted to write you and let you know how happy we are we the pups we got from Bluetick 1 Kennels. Thank You.
I have bought 2 pups from you in the past and I will be coming to your area tomorrow- Would it be ok to stop by your house- I would love to see where my dogs come from…
Caragh Fay from Maryland

I love the dog, thank you so much.
Attached a picture, we went to the park. I was wondering if you have a paper I can take to the vet with me when I set up heart worm medicine etc. and his shots so I don’t double up any of them
Thanks! Mallory

Ruby is right around 5 months and weighs in around 38 pounds! She's spoiled and wild as shit! Here she is sittin' pretty and again on the beach! She loves the water! Thanks again!

These are a little late, but just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas from Knox and Axle! They were in a Dulcey litter and they’re two and a half now and doing great! Couldn’t ask for better dogs and I get compliments everywhere I go about how beautiful and behaved they are. Thanks again!
Amanda Lee

We made it home with a sleeping pup all the way:). Thank u so much for Arliss. Our two daughters are crazy about him... our mini schnauzer is still deciding. :) We'll keep you posted on how things are going.  Russ Collins

-Terrah, from Canada   

We love our puppy!

Thank you.

Nena Harville

Hi Ray,
Sorry to be so late with updated pictures for you and the family for Dulcey's #6 male from 2012. All I have for two months are blurs of him running around with our Walker Coonhound or sleeping or eating. I got some help this PM and got a few decent pictures of him. One actually standing nicely. lol!  Glad you enjoyed the wildlife vidio as much as I did.  I hope all is going well with you and yours. How are your Hounds doing? Tango Chaser is about 75 # and is on a diet. Talk about not missing a meal. Got so weight off our Walker but, the puppy is a challenge.  Say hi to all for Dave and me and give Dulcey an extra scratch behind the ears for me.  Take care,  Michelle Levandowsky

Ray, Thank you again for such a great pup. Scout will be 2 this march and I have lost count of the coons he has treed. He is a good stay put tree dog and will tree layups. I have enjoyed this dog more than you could imagine. Thanks again.
-Troy Baird Jr
I was curious what you feed your puppies. This is the puppy that I received from you as a Christmas present from my wife and kids. She ( Magellan AKA Magee) is growing and extremely smart and competitive. I am training her to be a rescue dog and she is outstanding.

We named our puppy Ruby! She's healthy and growing like a weed! We have been training her to hunt and she is a natural! Thanks so much for everything! We love her to pieces and will send you some more pictures soon!!
Hey Ray... wanted to send a pic. of my two girls I got from you Emma on the left is 13 months and Hazel on the right is 8 months.... they are the sweetest and smartest dogs. What ever you have going keep it up your doing a great job. Tim in Olympia Wa.

Ray, I just wanted to let you know that family is completely enjoying our little pup. We named him Bodie and he is having a ball with the girls and all the family. I have attached a couple of pics for you to see. He sleeping with our Bullmastiff Tauro. I was also wondering if you have any pictures of his Daddy. He is so pretty and I would love to show my husband Bodie's dad.

Here is an updated pic of Gracie Mae she was out of Dulcey and Kojacks litter



Thanks Ray! We named her palin and she’s definitely a little shit. The most strong willed dog I’ve ever seen. Here’s a picture of her at our snowmobile races this weekend.

Thanks again.
Jon from MN

Ray, thank you for the best dog. He is a true gem. He is doing great and loves to go on horse rides with us. He truly is the best and thanks again.



Hi Ray,
I took this on my sons first day of school... we thought you would enjoy it as much as we enjoy him!!!   Thanks

Kristina from Michigan

Been awhile since I've had a chance to drop you a line.  Both Moose and Shelly are doing well. Moose turned into his name. He's about 120lbs. And the biggest baby you could ever want. He's very gentle and just a great dog. Everyone loves him. He's from Andy and Molly.  Shelly is just a little love bug. But man she has prey drive. She hunts for 4-5hrs in the yard every morning or evening depending on work schedules. Shes from Andy and Sally.  We couldn't be happier with either one of them. Other then Moose hogs the whole king size bed. Both dogs get tons of looks. And we've given out your web address at least 50 times.  Hope your health is still good.
Take care, Adam and Leslie

It's been over a year since we got our puppy, Huckleberry, from you, and he is still the absolute best.

Our family loves this dog so much & we have so much fun with him! We take him just about everywhere we can with us.... although when we go blackberry picking he picks the berries off the bushes and eats them
I just wanted you to know that you still have a satisfied customer


Hank is awesome ... he bagged is first coon today. Thanks for everything!

Michael & Sabrina

Just want to Thank You for all that you have done. Ellie is a great puppy; smart, fun, loving, and very energetic. I couldn't have asked for anything more than her. You do a great job and I hope to get another little one from you sometime in the future!
Thanks again,   Kassandra, from North Dakota


Thought you might enjoy a recent picture of the Bluetick Coonhound we bought from you. She is doing well.


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