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It is great to hear from all of you and to see how well the pups are doing.

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Ray I don’t know if you remember me but I came to get a male about 2 months ago when you sold me on the 1 month old female off of Andy and molly. I was with Gary derrick. I am just emaile you to thank you for talking me into getting her “blue belle”. This by far is the best investment have ever made. Belle will be 5 months old may 26 and I love her to death. Where ever I go with her people literally stop and stare and her beauty and extreamly outgoing and friendly personality. This dog is going to turn out to be something special. Gary and I have been working with her a lot and showed her a coon in the cage for the first time on her 4 month bday. What happened when she saw that coon left me and gary speechless. Time we cut her loose on it she went ape **** . you weren’t kidding a when you said she was going to have a loud bawl it shakes the trees.my question to you is what step do we take next in training. She seems to be a freak of nature. She love to get my praise when she does good and cant stand to be away from me if feel the same about her. She sleeps in the bed with me everynight and is the smartest puppy I have ever seen. Im sure im being a little bias because she my dog but I swear there something different she has that you cant teach. What would your advice be on the next step gary and I should take in training her.i don’t want to mess her up by rushing things but she just seems ready to go.me and gary took her in the wood for the first time when she was 2 months with garys bluetick maco. Time I cut her off the lease she halued ass in all by her self she was gone for about 30min I started to get nervous when she came bouncing up with those long ears bouncing.look forward to getting any advice you may have. And I cant thank you enough for selling her to me.

Good Morning Ray,  Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you, I’ve been busy at work. But the puppy arrived safe and sound on Sunday night. She was a little scared at first but she grew accustomed to her environment quickly. She’s having a great time antagonizing our cat. My husband took her outside early this morning and there happened to be 2 coons in the back yard and she chased them up a tree…I’m not sure if she was just chasing a random animal up a tree, or if she knew what she was doing…but we’ll just say she already knows how to tree a coon  J     We still haven’t come up with a good name for her…still trying to come up with one to fit her personality. She’s already won our hearts over. We absolutely love her. Did you happen to get her papers in yet? Well I should be getting back to work now. Thanks so much for everything!!   Lynn

Ray and Family,

I just wanted to send you a picture of Blu and I.  I also wanted let you know how happy were are on getting her.  She is part of the family since day one.  She is a big baby and spoiled, but that is fine with me.  All my girls in this household are spoiled.

Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family



Happy Holidays,  Hope you are all doing well.  Lester Ray is almost 1 year old.  Doesn't seem possible.  He still has "big hunkin" feet, but I think just filling out now.  As you can tell from his pictures, he is very handsome.  He has a great sense of humor and keeps himself occupied.  We did get a tree but decided not to put on ornaments.  So far he has left it alone.  I have not gotten brave enough to put many packages under it.  He has a tendency to think things belong to him.  He has his toys, many, which we call "his victims."  He is very smart!  He loves the ocean and chasing other dogs down there.  He still drives Otis, the black and tan, crazy, however Otis will play with him.  I love watching them run down the beach bumping into each other.  Here are a couple of pics with me and the boys.  Have a wonderful holiday.    Jane and John and family

Hi Ray, 
Just wanted to drop you line and say thanks for all you help in choosing our dog.  "Blu" is doing great and the kids really love him alot.  Thanks again for all your help.  Have a Great Day, Ken Nealy

PS  We a looking for another puppy, do you have any available?


Hi Ray, 
I just wanted to send you some pictures of tracker. He is really doing well. He was a year old on 1/8/06 and weighs 90 lbs. This hound is every thing I wanted. His ears are very long, 10 inches from head to end of the ear. He stands 28 inches at the shoulders. I started him on some coon and he is getting better every we go out. He towers over the other hounds I have seen in this area. I would be interested in an all blue female if you would happen to have 1 in the future. Thanks again for tracker he is a great hound. Hope to here back form you.  
Chris, PA  

Dear Ray it's Irene  just emailing you to let you know we got the puppies last night. They are doing fine . My son is 18 and you should of seen his expression when they handed him the kennel with these two little face looking at him .He loved them he said it was his dream come true, he was like a little child. When we got home with them it was the same all over again with the 4year old . The little female is hers . they loved the puppies they are really nice , Thank you very much even though they are a week early for Christmas I believe its a Christmas they will never forget. They have had dogs but this is the dog my son always wanted and we could not find them around here. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you and your family

Sincerely Irene

I wanted to send you a recent picture of Bubba. He was Dixie and Sammy's pup born Dec 2004. He is a terrific dog, smart and just a pleasure. He is also a beauty - here he is is 90lbs and as you can see almost a little below weight. He is an avid tracker in the woods and once on the hunt is non-stop. We have had a few punctured paws, stitches and one nasty snake bite, but all in a days work. I saw on the website that you recently sold Sammy - he must be a great dog. Thanks so much and I will be in touch in the future.  Beth Lynch from Maryland

Dear Ray:  I bought one of your blueticks earlier this year, around May, and I thought you might like to see how she's doing.  I'm attaching a picture of her (Scout is her name), and she's turned out quite nicely.  She seems to enjoy life here in Chapel Hill and gets a good bit of exercise in the back yard and occasionally joining me when I go out to run.  Thanks again for a wonderful dog!  Best,  Kevin from Chapel Hill, NC

Ray, here is Rock at 11 months old treeing a coon, man he was ticked off.

Hi Ray!
Well our pups are now 1 year 2 months and four months and boy are they happy pooches. They run and play together. They are the perfect puppies. We were just curious, do you know what cut Topper's ear when she was a tiny pup? Bo and I love them so much. They are DEFINITELY sisters. They are two peas in a pod. Here are some fun pictures of them running and playing in the sprinkler. We had to buy a metal sprinkler chain it to a full sized cinder block and drive a four foot rebar into the ground to keep them from carrying it off. (We went through a lot of sprinklers before we figure that out.) Enjoy the pics.  Love to you and your family,  Diana and Bo

Hey Ray,
    I wanted to send you some updated pics of Mooney. I bought him from you in August of last year. He was born on July 4th out of Sammy and Daisy.  I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed having him. He is a beautiful bluetick, I get compliments all the time. He has been to the woods on many occasion and is coming along nicely. He loves to ride in the truck, up front of course, and also loves to go swimming in the river. Overall I cant express how happy I am with him. He is everything I wanted out of a dog.
Thanks again,    Michael.... Fountain Inn, SC

Ian and I went to South Carolina after finding a Blue Tick Hound breeder who was just fantastic (thanks Ray!).  Here's Isabella Blue (Bella) who so far, is trying to figure out the pecking order here, and is very curious about her new surroundings.  She slept almost the entire way home, and all night (with Thomas) as well, but this morning she is checking everything out.  More pics later!  - Maryland

Hello Ray,

Just writing to let you know that we are very happy with Banjo, the pup we bought from you in November 2004.  Our girls just love him so much. 

He is such a great dog!  Here are some pics of him with the girls.  Banjo hasn't hunted raccoons yet, but he sure can get the cat worked up, and he's killed about 5 Teddy Bears!  He is absolutely beautiful, we couldn't be happier.  Thanks again, Amy, Pa.

Hello Ray, How are doing good I hope here are a couple of pictures and a clip. The video is really not good so I'll blame it on the mud. The fellow in the video is my uncle and he is a die hard plott man, he thought I wasted my money on blue pup. But after she took several very hard hits she never quit he said I better get a couple more I told him I hope to towards the end of the year. Hope you like. I'll send some more when bear season opens. Maybe U can use these on the web site. Donnie   STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.

Ray,  I haven't spoke to you before but have heard a lot about you.  I am currently working as a trainer for some puppies you sent to Boise, Idaho.  You sent out one male pup and one female pup.  I have trained dozens of pups over the years, and have had some of the better dogs in the area for the last several years.  Right now I have a female Black and Tan that is so far better than most dogs around here it almost makes me sick to watch her get older, but I now know that I will have something great to replace her with.  Those two pups from your kennel are so smart and try so hard that I'm in shock.  They are not even six months old and they already run, trail, locate and tree.  They are even learning to rig bear scent off the back of the truck.  It is almost unheard of to see a Bluetick out here start that early.  Bad breeding out west I guess.  Those two pups are not great by anything that I have showed them, we have just given them lots of time and opportunity and they are showing an unbelievable amount of promise.  Thank you for working hard to breed a better Bluetick.  We sure appreciate it!  Jake in Bosie, Idaho

Grace on the waterfall Rosco in Tennessee Rosco in Tennessee Randy in Idaho

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