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It is great to hear from all of you and to see how well the pups are doing.

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I've attached a picture of Ms. Marley Blue Randolph and her first litter of blueticks and an additional picture of Mr. Smokey Blue Randolph. We purchased Smokey and Marley from you last summer and they have been nothing but a wonderful joy to our family. You met Michelle in Nashville during a trip to deliver them to us.  They are remarkable with kids and have taken every possible opportunity to ensure that our home and property isn't invaded by squirrels. I would like to say my neighbors are as happy as we are with them. The best we can tell is the neighbors don't know what dangerous plans/activities those squirrels are up to at 6 in the morning. I want to extend our thanks to you for providing us two wonderful family members who are incredibly loyal, intelligent, and loving. Every time we go to Petco or Petsmart we are greeted with nothing but compliments on them. We recommend Bluetick1 kennels to all who may be looking for a hunting and/or family companion. We hope to get another female, breeding age from you next summer. 

Rick, Michelle, Blake, Paige, Chase & Mr Smokey and Ms Marley Randolph, and Ivan the cat from Alabama


Here is a quick picture of Topper in his new home with his big sister  Sable.  He has some catching up to do.  Thanks for everything!

Shelly from Wisconsin

Hi Ray,
Just wanted to wish you and your family a merry Christmas from Amos Lee, Amy, and Bobby. Amos has been climbing trees and recently spotted his first coon. Amos has also enjoyed camping at Glacier National Park last spring, where he located a couple of fat rabbits still wearing their winter coat. We will attempt to send you some pictures of Amos Lee. Maybe one day, we can find a companion coonhound for Amos Lee with your help.
Sincerely, Bobby from California

The kids and I got Brad a registered Blue Tick for Christmas.  We drove to South Carolina yesterday to pick her up!  She is something else! She has adjusted beautifully and thinks that she is queen of the house. Chloe LOVES her - they are getting along so well, inseparable. Anyway -- thought you all would like to see our new girl, Sophie. from Virginia

Dear, Mr. Ray
These are the pictures I have been waiting to send to you. This is Rocky Creeks Mack Diesel and I am happy to tell you he is everything I wanted and more. He is now 71/2 months old and this was the first time he was unleashed without a trail laid by me or a coon out of the cage. I turned him out and from the leash to the tree he never missed a beat. He treed two fine coons within 25 min. and I have never heard of another dog doing everything on his own without the help of an older dog to get him running, at least not around these parts. These pictures I sent are from last weekend, I turned him out Tuesday night right at dark in a thin run of hardwoods along a field he hunted hard for a solid 30 min. but never hit a trail so it was a burnt run but at least he doesn't stay at my feet and I won't complain cause he was giving me his all. I will be cutting him loose again this Saturday night in more creek bottoms and I have faith we will not be let down by my boy, he is one of the best around here for the time being. I have to tell you all the older men in my family was telling me he wasn't going to be worth two cent but now they all want to set by a fire and listen to Diesel light the bottoms up with a roar. As you can tell he is my whole world and I am looking forward to many years of good huntin between me and this ole' boy. Like I said at first I want to thank you for settin me up with such a fine huntin partner. I will be sendin pics to you along and along and write me back and tell me what you think. Take care and God Bless.
Sincerely,  Casey from Georgia

Hello Ray!
My name is KC. I'm a 15 year old girl living here in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. I recieved the best Christmas present I've ever gotten last year. This is all thanks to you! My dog, which I decided to name 'Chandler's Lil' Dixie Delight' [ Dixie for short] turned out to be a great dog. She's a few months over a year now, and I sent you a picture so you can see how she's turned out. She's very spirited and extremely good natured. I originally wanted a hound of which I could hunt coons with. Unfortunately, I don't exactly have that much free time to go, not nearly as much as I would enjoy due to school and stuff of that nature. However, she's not been completely neglected of huntin`. She has went several times with our other dog, Goofy, and has learnt a couple of things. Hopefully, I will be able to take her more next season. I'm sure we would both enjoy it. But that doesn't bother me too bad because she's a pet too. haha. She's very friendly and of course everybody has fell in love with her. I hope to keep you up to date with her and I'm sorry it's took me such a long time to tell you about her. Thanks once again. - KC. - If you would like, and if you find the time, I would enjoy hearing from you.

I do not know if you remember me or not my name is DS from NC. I purchased a little bitch dog from you last summer, named fancy. let me tell you I could have not been more satisfied. she showed what I like to see from the beginning. she never had any back up on a hog. it took a little longer to get her to run bear but the first one we caught on the ground changed that. Sadly she was killed the first of the year on big bad hog. I was writing to you in hopes that maybe you might be able to get another one or two some time this summer maybe around the end of July or the first of august. If you can help I would be grateful. Good hunting.  DS - North Carolina

Hello Ray,  This is Jason from "cold" Michigan here.  I an sure you remember me.  My girlfriend and I drove down their and you had a pup that I was unsure of what to do.  I am glad you took the time to explain what to look for in a pup.  We talked for awhile and you said, "Pick him up in the morning, you won't be disappointed."  Well, when I got home a friend that I took hunting a couple of times, saw my pup, that I call "WHISKEY," and asked where to go to get one.  Well you know who I am talking about.  Well Ray, I am writing to tell you that I am VERY happy with the pup you picked for me.  He is even more then I expected.  This guy is exactly 1 year old, and about a month ago he just went nuts; he treed his own coon and I couldn't get to him for an hour at least.  He never missed a beat, and I mean he has got a bawl that is perfect and loud.  He brings the roof down, fastest dog I ever seen.  I haven't worked him much on tree, and apparently, I don't have to.  He won't tree unless there is coon.  I just can't thank you enough, he paired up with my female and has turned into solid muscle.  I just can't say enough about him and his spirit.  I am switching him over to adult Iams, he is 55lbs and when he fills out he will be hefty.  He already fights coon hard.  Well Ray, I don't want to talk your ear off, so give me a letter some time, I'd like to hear from you.  JASON IN "COLD" MICHIGAN.

Hey Ray
It's been a long time, Our Lil Boy *Blue* has just turned 2.On August 29, 05 When he arrived was the last time I wrote to you, Thought we should update.  We still have and Love Blue and he knows what to do but stubbornest Dog I ever seen.  Just like you said he'd be, But He's still "MY Husbands Dog".  We just got a Black and Tan hound female 6 months old given to us by an old hunter.  He breeds these dogs and seen our blue-tick gave us the girl for free.  I think he has plans for her and him. He says our Blue-tick is the prettiest he's ever seen.   TJ never did take Blue to hunt and he goes every year.  He says he's afraid Blue will die. So Blue has to stay home where it's safe.  Go figure you get a huntin dog and the dog has to stay home with me.   TJ doesn't want to risk his companion.  We love Blue.  He says if Blue and the Black and Tan have pups he'll hunt a couple of them But Blue is not going.  Thanks Ray, From Glenda and TJ  Marysville California

Hi Ray,
I had got a beautiful bluetick from you a little over a year ago.  She was out of Sammy and boy does she ever have his face!  We named her Hailey and she has grown into a magnificent dog.  I am so pleased with how smart and loving she is.  Not only does she have an avid nose but she is a great protector for the home.  In addition, I am constantly amazed with how affectionate and loving our bluetick is.  Hailey is so smart and focused that she has become a therapy dog at the Brian Center Retirement and Rehabilitation Center in Charlotte, NC.  Her charming personality, endless love and devotion has made her the favorite pet of the residents.  Hailey has an innate ability to understand where people hurt or have injuries and she goes right to the patient every time showering them with lots of bluetick kisses.  The resident's and nurses always know when Hailey has arrived because they can hear her! "bawl" when she walks through the front door.  You can bet as soon as they hear her bawling, they come wheeling out to see her just as fast as they can.  She has made such a difference in our lives as well as other's.  Thank you so much for producing such a fine dog.   We love her so much! P.S.  Attached is a picture of her sniffing around in the yard! Jennifer, Midland, NC

Ray, I will send you some pictures once Huck starts growing a little, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know that he went for his 2nd puppy shots on Monday and the Vet said he looks really healthy and happy...he weighed in at 10.8 pounds..and No Worms (which is always nice).  My reason for writing is to let you know just how happy we are. Huck is everything we hoped for, and more. The other dogs like him and he has already stolen our hearts. We couldn't have asked for a nicer puppy....we plan on recommending you to everyone we know who is looking for a beautiful hound.  Any way, we just wanted to say thanks for everything...we will be in touch soon with those pictures. Dennis, Donna & Dom   (Bernie, Bob & Huck, too!) Thank You!

Hey Ray, I just wanted to send you some pics of my pup. His name is Haus, he's about 8 months now and he's a great dog. I couldn't believe how fast he learned everything I taught him. I'm not going to hunt him but he loves going on hikes and running around when we go rockclimbing and running along side my bike. Thanks again for all the extra effort in getting him to me as fast as you did, I really enjoyed having him so young. Thanks again I'll talk to you later.

Ray,  its been almost 2 years (well, 22 months anyways), and I have to tell you this; Jack (AKA Hector) is the best danged dog I have ever had; he has turned out to be my favorite and best hunting companion. As he has matured, he has only improved. His stamina is exceptional; his attention to the trail is excellent; his enthusiasm is unmatched.  He is 80 lbs of sheer terror for his quarry.  His list of kills on my farm is amazing, including 3 coyotes (one weighed 58 lbs.) a cotton mouth, several rattle snakes over 4 ft, a coral snake, as well as countless raccoons and opossums. He has killed 8 skunks without getting sprayed once.  Of note, he killed a Javelina recently and brought it home; he has wiped out a family of armadillos that were wreaking havoc in my pasture too.  I am afraid to take him on a bear or puma hunt though because he really is a wild man, and I think he would go in for the kill, and get mauled. When he is "on" he is like Frankenstein in fast motion; its like someone threw a switch and his whole being changes.  I gotta tell you, he is the best money I could have spent.  My wife has come to love him as well, but Jack stills prefers to be outside at night, roaming and hunting, to being inside in spite of her efforts to turn him into a foo foo dog, she has failed miserably.  We almost lost him to a rattlesnake this summer; he came home one morning with a face like a hippopotamus; the fang marks below his nose were about 1 & 1/4 inch apart. I got him to the vet (he had previously been vaccinated against rattlesnakes) and it only took one vial on anti-venin to get him right; a week later and he was back at it, and my wife didn't complain of the expense, "after all, its for Hector" was her only comment.  With best regards,  Dave

as promised, some pictures of Jack...Jack, whom we call Hector now, is on the left in the first picture... Scooby is the German Short Haired Pointer.   Hector outweighs Scooby by about 20 lbs... Scooby is a fairly tolerable bird dog, but pretty useless at anything else. Hector is far better at everything except birds.  Photo To the Right, they are having a tug-o-war over a blanket. Note Hector's lower stance and better bite on the blanket.

Photo to the right, Hector is about to grab Scooby's entire head into his mouth, and force him into submission; he then releases Scooby, with no bite marks. Kind of scary to watch, but once you've seen it enough times, you realize Hector really is in control. But, you can still make out the wild man in him.

Hi Ray

Dawn from california here. Thought I would send you some updated pics of our baby girl Bonnie. She is such a smart dog. We still have a couple puppy issues (chewing anything not nailed down) but we are working through them.

Thanks again

Hey Ray,
these are some pictures of the pup we got from you in sept. THANKS A MILLION she's great dog, SPOILED, but great. lol anyways just wanted to send you a pic update on her. She's doin great!!! There is also a picture with our other dog in it, his name is TINK an her name on her papers is "smokin blue kamikaze" we call her KAM. ROTTEN!!!!
THanks again!
HOpe to do business again
Alayce & Jeff Glende
Orange, Tx

Ray, we hope you will be able to use some of these pictures on your website of this little coonhunter (Max) with Chief and Scarlet!!  We love our dogs, we always get very positive comments on both of them wherever we go.  Thanks, Dana from North Carolina.

This is rebel the pictures are kinda bad cause he was hyper. 

Isaac from PA.

Ray,  I haven't hunted him in any hunts YET!!! I bought a NtCh. walker male 2 yrs. old and he smoked him the other night. They treed side by side blowing the top out but he beat him on strike and tree. And that little walker is fast. Has been doing an outstanding job. I don't usually pay that much for a hound not titled, but I have to say he is WELL worth it.  Preston from SC

Hi Ray, Randy here, my 2 dogs on caged coon, Smokey on the Right he is 16 months old, and Rock the pup I got from you, he is 7 months old now, thought you might like to see them, Later, Randy from Iowa

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Blue & Smokey are doing fine and adjusting to life as TN Vol fans. See attached pictures.
Will from Tennessee
P.S. could you send me the address for the training scent that you showed me when we picked up the pups

Hey after we have been working hard on coon chase and elmo did successed chasing with my older and rode on strike box after 16th coon with special scent on coon, and they all treed this fall then today we went hunting down and we found bobcat track why not we turn them on loose and Elmo one of your breed dog catch up my older dog with in 15min later arrival treed with older about 1 mile or one half mile. My older was there first and elmo kept tracking and kinda slow but make me excited that he is working hard for me He bark a lot while running which is BEST and I am working more on him. I love Elmo! thank u! Scott from Washington

Ray, here are some pictures of Max and Big Chief, hope you can use them. He is a smart dog! Thanks, Dana

hey ray,

I bought some pups from you last spring. my name is dean I came down from good old jersey to pick up a male, I was with my girlfriend and she talked me into getting a female to keep him company. the sire of the litter was john's old blue rebel and the dam was hunters little lady. I know you deal with alot of people but you probably remember me. I mean how many people come from jersey to buy your pups? I would say not many. Im probably the only one who came down from our home state to get one of your blueticks. Bonnie n clyde are now a year and two months and theyre great! Theyre very independant and hard headed so it was an effort for me to train them without takin them to obedience school and with no shock collars or any equipment. Ive got them runnin drag's now and I just set up a live trap so I can get a coon in a roll cage n see what they do. they naturaly want to get out there and hunt but I want to make sure theyre ready when I take them out to the forrest to go on a real hunt. I guy I work with has redbones and we are going down to cecil county, maryland where he hunts his dogs to give them some time in the woods huntin n workin together with the other dogs in the hunt. I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the two great pups you sold me. I will keep you updated on how theyre doin in the woods. Well see how they make out. My last dog I got from you also, charlotte, who unfortunately ran a deer out on a main road in jersey and got killed. She was the best dog I ever owned. She was out of Sammy and Saphirre's lady. I had that dog house broken two weeks after I brought her home and I had her running two mile drag's at 3 months. She had so much potential and was so sweet. I think about her everyday. Anyway let me stop ramblin about the dogs, ill attach a photo of bonnie n clyde so you can see how theyre growin up. thank you for pups your a great asset to the future of the bluetick in this country

Dear Ray, Here are the photos I was looking for. We are so happy with our new family. Please add us to your happy clients.
Abrasos from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Thank you again for dealing with us!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia, Holly, Mario, Jessabelle, Blue, Rocky (The Retriever), Ferrioni (The Scottie), Sophia (Not Shown, German Shepard)


jasmine has ajusted well in her new home.  she loves having the run of the farm.  shes getting so big its amazing.  here are some time line photos

Hi Ray,  This is Amanda from NY. I came all the way down to you to get my dog Jake who is a great dog. He is the king of the household, the most fun, lovable dog we have had.  He loves to be around people every chance he gets, and boy does he have a loud voice! He is very playful, and extremely smart. He gets along great with our other dog, which makes it nice too. I thought you would like to see how he has grown. I got him in April at 4 weeks old from you. He was actually from your son's dogs litter, because I desperately wanted a male!!!  This is Jake!!!  Amanda from NY

Hey Ray,
We got Fancy from you back in January, out of Blue Rebel and Hunter's Little Lady. She is everything that we could ask for in a dog, We get so many complements on how great she is. She is a great hiking and camping companion, her favorite thing to do is run beside the horse's when we go on trail rides through the mountains. We can't wait to get another pup soon. We will send more pictures.. this is Fancy at 8 months. Ryan from Arizona

Hey Ray,  I got Rhett from you back in December just before Christmas. He is such an awesome dog and is up for anything. I’m so happy to have him, and wanted to send you a few pictures. I’m not a hunter, but Rhett sure lets us know when there are squirrels in the back yard that need to get back up their trees. Out in the field and in the water he’s right on my boyfriend’s German Shorthair’s heels…an amazing combination of a lazy snuggler in the house and an athlete outside. Hope all is well with you, your family and dogs. Thanks Again, Maggie

Rock at 4 months old, he is a real chick magnet, ha ha, everyone just falls in Love with him, mostly his long ears, man does he have a voice!! and does he know how to use it, he's everything you said he would be, Thanks again for picking him for me, he's my Bud!! Randy.

Hey Ray - This is Jessica - I purchased Waylon from you back in December of last year - He is such a wonderful dog, just beautiful - I just wanted to take a minute and send you a few recent pictures of him - he was so curious about the turkeys, it was adorable to watch him bounce around and sniff them - thank you again for such a wonderful pup, I can't wait to buy another friend for him - Happy Easter - Jessica, South Carolina

Hi Ray!  She has come alive:) She is what some call "full of piss and vinegar". Others would call it a healthy puppy. She goes in at 9:00 to have her first visit with our vet. We will go over the shots and the schedule for the rest of the shots. Here in Texas, we have to put the dogs on heartworm, so as soon as she is old enough, that will start as well.  I don't know if Buddy told you anything about our story...but after losing 2 of our dogs to cancer within one month of each other, we had the priviledge to adopt a rescued Bluetick Coonhound. The vet said that he(Bleu) was about 2 years old when we got him which was in April of last year. He had tested positive with heartworm, so we went through all of that treatment to get him healthy. He is such a wonderful dog. We have enjoyed him SO much.
That is one of the reasons we were looking for Lilly, because we wanted him to have a playmate. I just didn't realize how spoiled he was. We created a monster. He was very upset when we brought her in the first night. He wouldn't even come to the bed. We almost had to pick him up off the couch to bring him to bed. He is starting to warm up to her. I guess the oldler she gets the more he will enjoy her.  She is doing great. We wanted to know if we needed to send you extra money for training her in advance:) Hee Hee! She is just doing great with potty training and no longer is she sleeping in the kennel. She sleeps with us and snuggles all night long.  Anyway, I won't keep sending emails this often. I just wanted you to know that she has a great home. Thank you so much for making our lives happier:)  LeAnn from Texas

Hi Ray, 

Just sending you an update picture of "Belle" that we picked up this January.  She is turning out to be a really great dog and get along super with "Blu" who we got from you about 2 years ago.  Thanks for all your help and the wonderful dogs you have produced. Have a Great Day, Ken - Georgia


State of Alabama - Owner and Trainer, Gregg Alexander and "Buster"

"Buster won 5th place at 6 months old" 2004

Hi Ray,
Just thought I'd send you a couple of pictures of Windy so you could see her at 6 months. It seems like I just got her. I can't tell you how happy I am with her. I get so many complements from people about her. She sure is a beautiful dog! I've been taking her to obedience school. She's doing real good. Better than some dogs older than her. Probably because she's so smart. Anyway hope you like the pictures. Lisa

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